Conversational AI is forecasted to save businesses $8 billion annually worldwide by 2022

Your customers deserve immediate support.
So do your employees.

Integrate conversational AI into all aspects of your business and double your company’s time and cost-saving benefits

Problem: 33% of new hires quit in 6 months

Meet Nova, an Employee Services Assistant

  • Shorten the learning curve
  • Accompany employees throughout the day
  • Boost productivity and cut red tape

Use cases: Greet employees, manage training, promote healthy work habits, provide administrative support, orientation

Fewer voluntary resignations
Higher engagement levels.
Increase in brand awareness
Shorter response times
Problem: High recruitment costs

Meet Vega, a Virtual Recruiting Assistant

  • Make first contact with applicants
  • Represent my brand and help it to shine
  • Save my team time and money
  • Focus on the best applicants

Use cases: Increase job ad visibility, give information, streamline the application process, track applicants, pre-select candidates, promote your brand

More candidates reach out every day
of requests from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.
less time spent answering FAQs
Applicant Satisfaction

Your Digital Assistant in 4 Easy Steps

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