What can btNexus do for your project?

Optimize Productivity

Increase Traffic

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The Complete Digital Assistant Network Training Solution

  • Personalized to your project′s specific needs and content
  • Easy to use and quick to set up
  • Packed with features for natural conversation
  • Powerful learning engines for constant improvement
  • End-to-end encrypted for maximum data security
  • Re-usable across platforms and integrations

What Sets btNexus Apart?

User Interface

Collaborate on dialog content for your Digital Assistant without prior programming knowledge. Then click to integrate your Digital Assistant into different platforms and devices.


Take a look to see how you can save time and instantly increase the skill of your Digital Assistant. Or, you can share what you’ve created with other modelers.

GDPR Compliant

Strictly adhere to international data protection regulations to fully protect your and your users’ privacy and data. 

Multi-language Capabilities

Speak another language within seconds with automated translation. Gain a competitive edge and step into your users’ world.


Keep an eye on user interactions to improve your modeling, increase customer satisfaction, and study ROI.



Access external live data or your own live data such as SAP or recruitment positions.

Incorporate Powerful AI into your Project

with the privacy, security, hosting, and scalability solutions your AI project needs to succeed.

Enterprise-Grade Solutions 

  • Create an infinite specialized knowledge base
  • Distribute your knowledge across multiple Personalities and platform integrations
  • Release your Digital Assistants to support thousands of clients at once
  • Easily scale your Digital Assistant across departments and around the world
  • Integrate pre-existing chatbots and watch their progress
  • Host on or off premise depending on your company’s needs

Easy-to-Use Interface (UI)

  • Leverage your team’s specialized knowledge through collaborative modeling
  • Model and train your Digital Assistant whenever and wherever.
  • Access all features and make adjustments on your own
  • Then integrate your Digital Assistant into different platforms, robots, and devices in just a few clicks!

Powerful Hive Mind

  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech engines
  • Sentiment & mimic engines to engage with users’ subtextual and language cues
  • Quickly combine knowledge from existing bots to create a new Personality
  • Get live status updates from your Digital Assistants via your personal chatbot or Amazon Alexa
  • Allow robots from your company to learn from each other, wherever they are


  • Keep an eye on user interactions and adapt your Assistant’s knowledge to users’ needs
  • Visualize the benefits of 24/7 availability and support
  • Take advantage of trends to direct the conversation to the topics most important to your business goals.
  • Tailor the message your users should receive.
  • Get immediate customer feedback with sentiment recognition

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